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Italian Mayor Plans to Shut Down Wi-Fi in Schools

The mayor of Turin, Chiara Appendino, wants to shut down Wi-Fi in state schools and government buildings, due to concerns that Wi-Fi waves may affect people’s health.

The mayor considers that Wi-Fi radiation is another facet of pollution, and asks authorities to do whatever they can to reduce Wi-Fi power, while making sure that good Internet connectivity remains a priority.

It’s an ambitious plan, but it’s in line with the mayor’s other revolutionary ideas – her proposal to turn Turin into a vegetarian town, for example.

The Italian prime minister, Matteo Renzi, doesn’t see Wi-Fi as a threat, though. He has recently closed $200 million deals with Amazon, Apple and Cisco.



Seamless Station-To-Train Wi-Fi System

It’s happening in the UK: passengers are now able to move from stations to trains without having to reconnect their devices to the network. People used high gain antennas and specialized extension cables to stay connected until now.

Arriva UK Trains, the company behind this system, has installed its seamless system in 28 stations so far. The passengers will log on to the network once, and then forget about it. When the passengers approach a station, they will be automatically connected to its Wi-Fi network, thus getting access to faster Internet speeds.



Google Maps Has Gotten a Wi-Fi Only Mode

I don’t know about you, but Google Maps is my favorite navigation system. I have tried several GPS applications, but none of them proved to be as accurate as Google’s app. Still, Google Maps only works with cellular data, and that data can be quite expensive, especially when you are traveling abroad.

If you like Google’s GPS application, you will be pleased to know that many of its users are reporting about a new setting, which has replaced the “offline areas” option. Once it is activated, Google Maps will make use of whatever Wi-Fi networks it can find to download your route data. Of course, when Wi-Fi networks aren’t available, the application will utilize small amounts of cellular data.



New Wi-Fi AC HDD from Western Digital

Western Digital’s My Passport Wireless Pro is an external hard drive like no other. First of all, it consists of a two or 3 TB hard drive. Then, it incorporates a dual band Wi-Fi router, which can operate as a media server as well. It’s also got an SD card slot and USB 3.0 connectivity.

The company has designed this product for people who need reliable backup on the go. The main target are small businesses, photographers, artists, people who work with large files.

The recommended price is $350 for the 2 TB version and $400 for the 3 TB version. The hard drive includes a 6.4 Amps battery, which can also be used as a power bank for your phone or tablet.


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